When a burial is intended, a decision needs to be made about the type of grave that is required. We liaise with the Cemetery of your choice to determine whether you are eligible in purchasing a plot at the specific cemetery, what options are available and then assist you through the process of selecting and purchasing cemetery plots. In addition to that, upon the family’s request, we can make all the necessary arrangements for funeral announcements to be published in the obituaries section of all local newspapers. A wide selection of coffins suiting all tastes and prices made from various types of wood are displayed in our selection room as well as in our website. G & P MELAS Funeral Directors are proud to offer to the families they serve the option of an ecologically friendly coffin – made of bamboo or willow – for those who prefer a green funeral. For the time being there is no cremation facility in Cyprus but we are in position to arrange a cremation service to be held abroad. We can coordinate everything, in liaison with our colleagues abroad, up to the delivery of the ashes back to the family here in Cyprus.


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