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Rituals and symbols give people strength – in particular when only memory lives on. A monument is a place of remembrance, a place to mourn and cope with grief. Therefore, not only the name and personal data of the deceased are made part of a tomb, but also information on his or her life and character. The monument not only is erected for a person, who has left this world, but should also help those of us who remain in this world to cope and heal. A good monument is able to preserve the identity of the deceased and keep his or her memory alive so that we remain connected with him or her beyond death. The monument turns the essence of a lived life into an enduring symbol. The comforting effect of a creative design lies in its expressiveness and its reference to the personality of the deceased – this enables the bereaved to accept the monument as a place for coping with their grief and healing the pain of their loss. With the design and realization of individual monument symbols we would like to contribute to making the grave a consoling place for reflection for the mourning and bereaved. We do this in complete awareness of the fact that we and our creating know-how and services can provide positive support to relatives and the bereaved in coping with their painful loss.


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