directorsWe believe that a funeral service should be a very special tribute to the life of a close friend or relative, and we encourage families to share their ideas with us to provide for a more meaningful service. We are committed to serving all families fairly and with dignity, no matter what their financial situation may be. We strive to make helpful suggestions and present options to keep funeral costs down. Realizing these ideals is what sets G&P MELAS Funeral Directors apart from others.

G&P Melas Funeral Directors began operations in Cyprus with the opening of a funeral home in Nicosia, the island's capital, by the two brothers George and Pavlos Melas. Both George and Pavlos pride themselves on the fact that they are the only individuals in Cyprus who are graduates of an approved Mortuary Science Program and have also the experience of working in Cyprus since 2003. After finishing their studies in Mortuary Science in the USA they returned in Cyprus and got involved in the death care field with the goal to upgrade the level of funeral services provided on the island. They have been quite successful with their endeavors in changing the way funerals had been carried out in the island and the perception people had about death. In 2010 they decided to open up their own funeral home in order to take their vision at least one step further. Our professionalism is supported by the recognition of a number of international federations and organizations and assurances that we onfirm to their high standards. On individual basis, both George and PAvlos are the only people in Cyprus who are member os the British Institute of Embalmers, British Institute of Funeral Directors, American Society of Embalmers and the European Association of Embalmers. On a company level, their funeral home is supported by the recognition of the National Association of Funeral Directors, International Federation of Thanatologists Associations and the European Federation of Funeral Services. As their mission statement clearly states, they will always strive to exceed the expecations of each family they serve.


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