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Our engraving work is something we are really proud of. We want families when selecting the ornaments and lettering to be engraved to be as personalized as possible thus giving a deeper meaning to the monument itself.

By using state of the art engraving machinery we are able to engrave on almost any surface and any design, even personal design created by individuals.

The process that we use is to prepare an engraving draft for the proposed monument where in detail we will be able to illustrate the position, size, type of engraving before realizing it to the stone.

This way we avoid any mistakes as the engraving draft is processed several times before actually being inscribed onto the stone.

G&P Melas is in position to offer engraving services for markers and monuments already erected in cemeteries. When adding engravings, we will match the existing engraving style. Granite or marble engraving, etching and lettering services to add either names or dates are provided on-site in the cemeteries. There is generally no need for the memorial to be removed.


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